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You will need the free Adobe Acrobat reader or one of the free alternatives installed on your computer in order to view these leaflets. If you [Left Click] your mouse, you can view the files and print them out directly. If you [Right Click] your mouse you can save the download to a file and view or print it later.

Why have I produced the leaflets in Acrobat format?

The reason for producing the leaflets in Acrobat format is that they will print out exactly as they appear on the screen. Even those that use foreign language fonts will print out correctly on your computer.

Advice about printing the foot care advice leaflets

For the footcare advice leaflets you will need to set your printer to landscape orientation for most of them. All pages are A4 size. The leaflets are deliberately designed in black and white so that they can be duplicated on a photocopier. You can of course, copy them onto coloured photocopy paper if you wish them to stand out more. The two pages are intended to be photocopied back to back and the landscape printed leaflets are designed to fold into 3 to fit in a pocket.

Some quality points

1) Always copy from the master copy - never from a copy of a copy.

2) Make sure both pages are the right way up in the copier.

You can download a copy of the footcare information leaflets from here. Click your mouse button on the language of your choice to start the download. Please do not store these leaflets on other Internet sites. They are copyright.

If you can help me with further languages please contact me. Likewise if you spot any errors please let me know.


Portable Document File Arabic (61k) Bengali (130k) Chinese (100k)
Portable Document File Croatian (79k) Czech (92k) Dutch (83k)
Portable Document File English (80k) French (80k) German (81k)
Portable Document File Greek (123k) Gujarati (100k) Hebrew (76k)
Portable Document File Hindi (242k) Hungarian (100k) Italian (89k)
Portable Document File Japanese (470k) Lithuanian (80k) Panjabi (89k)
Portable Document File Polish (102k) Portuguese (80k) Romanian (96k)
Portable Document File Russian(108k) Spanish (80k) Serbian (116k)
Portable Document File Swahili (80k) Tagalog (Philippine) Tamil (94k)
Thai (available soon) Turkish Ukrainian (127k)
Portable Document File Urdu (68k) Welsh (80k)  


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